COVID House Policies

COVID RESTRICTIONS: Please be aware that our services have been limited for the time being. Please read our house policies & tasting room details here.

Welcome to Vivác Winery!

Please read our Covid-19 house policies for guests:

*Face masks & social distancing are required at Vivác Winery Tasting Room property (meaning in the parking lot as well). The ONLY time you may remove the mask is when seated, drinking, at your table or inside your car. The mask MUST cover your nose and mouth completely. 

*Order at the window, not inside. Our building is still closed to the public other than use of the restroom. The open windows facing the patio is where you will order, get refills and place to go orders. Wearing a mask and respecting social distancing is mandated when ordering at the window.

*Only a single customer at a time will be allowed inside of the tasting room at a time. This is to pick out chocolates, food, logo items, etc., or to use the restroom.

*Please don’t move the tables or chairs. They are spaced specifically to keep all of our guests at a safe distance from each other.

*Groups over 6 people: Legally we can only have groups of 6. If you arrive with more than 6, your group will be split up and be required to stay apart for the duration of your visit. This means you can not move chairs or tables or congregate together away from the tables. 

*Parties with children: Perhaps the hardest reform we’ve had to make is the restrictions on our family friendly norm. If you bring your kids with you, they need to be included in the headcount of 6 or less in your group, they must wear masks (above the age of 2) and must stay at your table. 

*Sorry, but pets are legally NOT allowed on our patio or lawn at this time. You may however, take them for a stroll to the river on a leash if you like. Pets must be on a leash or contained at all times, regardless of where they are on the property including down by the river.

*You need to practice social distancing while waiting to use the restroom, waiting to be seated, or if ordering through our window while also wearing a mask that covers your nose and mouth completely.

*We ask that you be responsible for bussing your own table to reduce contact.

*Ask any of our staff at any point if you need anything or have any questions.

We have hired more staff to assist us with making sure these safety measures are followed. Please be kind to these people when they remind you to put your mask on repeatedly, to stay distanced, to return to your table, or to leave if you can not adhere to our mandated protocols.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding. It’s for your safety, it’s for our safety, it’s for all of us, we are in this together. Enjoy!