Wine Pasta Nefertiti

After unsuccessfully spelling Nefertiti in the district Spanish Spelling Bee, 10 year oldMaddox Padberg won second prize.  He got a trophy and a $50 gift card that he used to start his pasta business. Maddox started making pasta at age 8 with his grandmother and loved it so much he decided to start a business and share the pasta with the rest of us. After experimenting with many ingredients, Maddox decided he liked adding some of his father’s red and white wines in the flour to enhance the pasta with these subtle flavors. Wine Pasta Nefertiti is made in Dixon, NM with organic flour, organic eggs and delicious wine from VivácWinery.      

Maddox makes his delicious wine pasta with love and care. He hopes you enjoy eating it as much as he has enjoyed making it. 

Vivac Winery