Chocolates Ek.Chuah

Ek.chuah chocolates is an boutique chocolate company showcased in the Vivác Winery Tasting Room in Dixon NM. Liliana Zavala Padberg is the owner & chocolatier making her chocolate truffles from 73.5% Venezuelan cacao. Liliana specializes in painted mold truffles, a process mastered by only a hand full of chocolatiers in the USA due to its high level of difficulty. Using the highest quality ingredients and painstakingly making each truffle individually by hand, Ek.chuah chocolates ensures premium quality in each of these exclusive small lot truffles.

How Did Everything Begin?

Ek.Chuah chocolates was born under a New Years Eve moon, silver in the night sky over a silky beach in Mexico. A young woman from Mexico, tall, beautiful, mysterious…our chocolatier of today, saunters by a young American man, a man looking for inspiration. In an instant their worlds collided.
The years passed quickly with the roots of vines plunging deep into the ground, the stocks growing thick with pride and the fruit pregnant with potential. The Vivác Winery Vineyard had begun. The young Mexican woman stood firm on American soil raising her family with that same wild American boy, a boy growing calmer by the day, a boy finding his soul fulfilled.
As these two strangers had found each other so had a winery found it’s feet. So too had a Chocolatier been born. As Ek.Chuah chocolates came to compliment the wines of Vivác, like the souls of Liliana and Chris Padberg, the artistry and invention of these painted mold truffles grew in reputation. Now these decadent treasures represent the love and magic of a silver night sky over a silky beach in Mexico.


Liliana studied chocolate making with Master Chocolatier Scott VanRixel in Taos, New Mexico. Liliana also recieved her Sommelier Certification in Argentina. It is in combination of her knowledge in wine and chocolates that she has uniquely bridged the two in her artistic approach, creating one of a kind truffles married with Vivác Winery’s wines.

Ek.chuah chocolates can be found every day at Vivác Winery Dixon Tasting Room.

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