Label Contest

This year we will be releasing a very special wine, our very first “Beaujolais Nouveau” style wine, to commemorate the Vivac Winery Tasting Room’s 20th year of being open! This very special wine needs a very special label, so we are having a LABEL CONTEST! 

As far back as the 1800s, Beaujolais Nouveau producers would gather to celebrate the end of the harvest by toasting the vintage with some of the young wine produced that year. Traditionally using the Gamay grape, we are celebrating with our incredible 1725 Estate Vineyard Pinot Munier!  

Submit your label image by July 1st 2023 to be considered for the contest. Winner receives a full case of this special wine release with your label and name on it!


1)We encourage you to  use our branding colors: True red, black, white, gray, & silver. Be aware we may change your submission to our branding colors if selected.

2)Submission must fit the current label size of 02.37 x 04.00 dimensions

3)Must keep in our branding esthetic of modern & graphic, but can be any medium.

4)You are encouraged to submit multiple images!

5)Please, no political or religious content.

6)This is joyous, your label idea should be too.

7)Any of the photos from our social media can be used as inspiration or a template.

8)Please avoid text. We will add our logo & anniversary message to the label.

9)Your art file should be submitted as PDF, PSD, PSB. Email your file to or drop your file in a memory stick at the tasting room.

Vivac Winery